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What Defines Your Generation of Women?
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October 2008
What defines your generation?
What defines your generation of women? For the past few years, our team has been in touch with hundreds of thousands of young women around the world, asking them this very question. They have answered us creatively through the videos, photography, poetry, and stories that grace the pages of this exhibit.

But now, we want to address the question more directly. What *does* define this generation? What sets apart the lives of young women today from those of their mothers and grandmothers? What are our biggest opportunities and our biggest challenges?

There are over a billion women between the ages of twenty and forty living on this planet and no one woman’s experience could possibly represent all of us. But a few common threads stood out in your answers and are backed up by a fair bit of statistical research.

For some, war has been the defining factor of this generation of women. For others, the amazing array of opportunities available to young women today was the defining factor.
You can read about each of the five big trends we’ve identified for our generation by looking at the subthemes for these two months. Most importantly, we invite you to think about and answer this question for yourself: What defines your generation?

Featured Stories
"A drifting generation"
Chen Qiulin, China
"Defined by Choices"
J.R. Carpenter, Canada
"Little Emperors"
Catherine Huang, China
"A generation of “new women” "
Aleksandra Kovaleva and Olga Vladimirskaya , Ukraine
"On Being Everything"
Rachel Aloise Mould, United Kingdom
"Mixed Messages"
Lori Henry, Canada
"Unafraid of Barriers"
Elda J. Stanco, United States
"Improving our Communities"
Yen Chua, Singapore
"The Times We Live In"
Anita Khemka, India
Featured Stories
Breaking Boundaries Join the conversation »
"Unafraid of Barriers"
Elda J. Stanco, United States
"International Citizens "
Penny Montford, United Kingdom
"Improving our Communities"
Yen Chua, Singapore
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137668 views to 14 stories
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Too Many Choices Join the conversation »
"A Free Generation"
Giada Ripa di Meana, Italy
"On Being Everything"
Rachel Aloise Mould, United Kingdom
"Mixed Messages"
Lori Henry, Canada
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66654 views to 5 stories
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Mothers and Daughters Join the conversation »
"Memories and Histories"
Yolanda Vera Ferrera, Spain
"The Gap Between Generations"
Melania Messina, Italy
"The Unmanageable Generation"
Nasra Abubakar, Somalia
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117935 views to 9 stories
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Revolution and Reform Join the conversation »
"Celebrating Our Independence"
Naomi Wanjiku, Kenya
"Martial Law in Taiwan "
Jacqueline K. Young, Taiwan
"A formative experience"
Aleksandra Djajic-Horváth, Bosnia – Herzegovina
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A Global Generation Join the conversation »
"Global Intersections"
Farheen Haq, Pakistan
"We are Living Contradictions"
Jaime Koebel, Canada
Heba Farid, Egypt
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