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January 2008
Best of Contest
Make your bets, cast your vote and elect the winners!

Imagining Ourselves is offering you the unique opportunity to see the crème de la crème stories by young women from all over the world.

Want to know what young women in your region or neighboring regions are saying about their generation? Interested in comparing talents across oceans and hemispheres?

Based on your responses, we are featuring the best 10 stories from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America and Oceania. You are invited to cast your vote and have the last word. That's 70 remarkable stories that made you cry, smile, scream, pull your hair out and appreciate the little things in life all at the same time.

Come alone or with friends and vote for your favorite story in each region by December 27. Exercise your right to vote! Tell us which are the Best Of the Best of Imagining Ourselves!

Featured Stories
"A drifting generation"
Chen Qiulin, China
Mehraneh Atashi, Iran
"Cold Wind on My Face "
Mary Kimani, Kenya
"One is Not the Loneliest Number"
Jolivette N Mecenas, United States
"Untitled (Acoustic Country Blues Song)"
Bea, Australia
"Next of Kin"
Bénédicte Kurzen - EVE photographer, France
"Mayan Women"
Andrea Aragón, Guatemala
Featured Stories
Best of Africa Join the conversation »
Leslie Tô, Burkina Faso
"Cold Wind on My Face "
Mary Kimani, Kenya
"Interview with Amina Lawal"
Hafsat Abiola, Nigeria
More Best of Africa Stories »
115172 views to 16 stories
19 comments have been posted
Best of Asia Join the conversation »
"Assisted Marriage"
Sadaf Siddique, India
"Ex-Fat Girl"
Nagi Noda, Japan
"A drifting generation"
Chen Qiulin, China
More Best of Asia Stories »
148714 views to 10 stories
27 comments have been posted
Best of Europe Join the conversation »
Manuela Maiguashca, United Kingdom
"Feeling Alive"
Bettina Salomon, Austria
"A Wind Untamed"
Lada Karitskaya, Russia
More Best of Europe Stories »
112495 views to 9 stories
292 comments have been posted
Best of Latin America Join the conversation »
"Being a Woman is A Natural Act"
Itzel Martínez Del Canizo, Mexico
"A bra does not make the woman"
Brenda Jiménez, Mexico
"Mayan Women"
Andrea Aragón, Guatemala
More Best of Latin America Stories »
147825 views to 10 stories
32 comments have been posted
Best of the Middle East Join the conversation »
"A Stranger in Her Own City"
Khadija Al-Salami, Yemen
"Magda and Nevine"
Hala El Koussy, Egypt
Achinoam Nini, Israel
More Best of the Middle East Stories »
147466 views to 10 stories
68 comments have been posted
Best of North America Join the conversation »
"One Struggle"
Shalini Kantayya, United States
"Girls and Women"
Sarah Jones , United States
"Lily Pads"
Christine Luksza-Paravicini, United States
More Best of North America Stories »
114912 views to 10 stories
29 comments have been posted
Best of Oceania Join the conversation »
"Immigration Plate"
Indigo A. Williams, Australia
"I had done it"
Cathy Freeman, Australia
"This is Me"
Marama Davidson, New Zealand
More Best of Oceania Stories »
127368 views to 10 stories
40 comments have been posted
Answers Gallery Join the conversation »
"Submit Your Answer"
Imagining Ourselves Team, United States
"Motivated! Creativity. Change. Transformative. Options."
Imagining Ourselves Team, United States
"Inquisitive. Valiente. Confident. Leaders. Reawakened."
Imagining Ourselves Team, United States
More Answers Gallery Stories »
141508 views to 13 stories
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Winners' Circle Join the conversation »
"Winner Best of Africa"
Tessa Lewin, Zimbabwe
"Winner Best of Asia"
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Pakistan
"Winner Best of Europe"
Nefin Dinc, Turkey
More Winners' Circle Stories »
87001 views to 7 stories
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