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What Defines Your Generation of Women?
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Paula Goldman
Founder and Director, Imagining Ourselves

Can a conversation change your life?

I started the Imagining Ourselves project in the Fall of 2001, in the wake of September 11th. I felt helpless about the state of the world, and struggled with how to make a difference. The spark came during a casual breakfast with a girlfriend. We brainstormed about showcasing the vitality of our generation as a way of inspiring young women to action.

Since then, I have talked with thousands of young women in every corner of the globe, and have been stunned by the courage and accomplishments of our generation. We are not only participating in record numbers in the workforce and educational arenas. We are also charting new paths in our families and in our personal lives-- and contributing positive solutions to the most serious problems facing our communities.

Many doors have been opened to our generation of women. It is now up to us to decide how to use these privileges to create the world we want to live in for generations to come. By adding your voice to this conversation, you have the opportunity to inspire your peers to create the better future that is possible only through our collective efforts.
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About Imagining Ourselves
What Defines Your Generation of Women? In the Fall of 2001, Paula Goldman partnered with the International Museum of Women. They sent this question out by email to women aged twenty to forty around the world—and received thousands of replies from over 105 countries.

In reviewing the inspired responses from young women around the world, 95 percent of which had come in by email, the museum recognized a historic opportunity to use technology to start a popular global conversation.

This dream will be realized starting on March 8, as Imagining Ourselves launches as a platform for young women to create positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world. The project includes not only this groundbreaking online exhibit, but also a series of global events, a celebrity blog on Yahoo!, and a dazzling book published by New World Library.

The goals of Imagining Ourselves are to increase young women in leadership positions, to connect our esteemed partners (such as the Global Fund for Women and the World YWCA) to a broad audience, and to increase international community among this first global generation of women. The magic happens when young women are able to form connections across international boundaries—and use those connections to improve each other’s lives.

The project has received rave reviews and endorsements. A mini-exhibit previewed to international delegates at the United Nations Beijing +10 conference in 2005, and has since toured the world. Over 60 distinguished leaders of from around the globe have signed on to be ambassadors for the project, as have major international organizations such as Amnesty International and the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.

Project Team
Paula Goldman
Founder, Director
Hafsat Abiola
Associate Editor
Sadaf Siddique
Editorial Manager
Adrianne Koteen
Project Consultant
Sanja Alajbegovic
Editorial Coordinator
Kathryn Robinson
Editorial Assistant
Zena El-Khalil
Co-Curator War and Dialogue, Lebanon
Michael O. Dayan
Co-curator Young Men, Canada
Guy Hoffman
Co-curator Young Men, Israel/USA
Jens van Tricht
Co-curator Young Men, the Netherlands
Itzel Martinez
Co-Curator Motherhood, Mexico
Andrea Annunziata
Co-Curator Motherhood, Brazil
Rutendo Mudzamiri
Co-Curator Motherhood, Zimbabwe
Jessica Lagunas
Co-Curator Image and Identity, Guatemala
Sandra Bello
Co-Curator Image and Identity, Mexico
Aida Eltorie
Co-Curator Image and Identity, Egypt
Lisa Russell
Co-Curator Film Festival, USA
Jessica Resmond
Editorial Assistant Intern
Hannah Hill
Editorial Assistant Intern
Natalia Lauricella
Partnership Intern
Joan Winter
Partnership Intern
Advisory committee members
Aida Eltorie
Global Advisory Committee Member, Egypt
Amy Oyekunle
Global Advisory Committee Member, Nigeria
Zena El-Khalil
Global Advisory Committee Member, Lebanon
Miranda Mimi Kuo
Global Advisory Committee Member, China/US
Larissa Muthoni
Global Advisory Committee Member, Kenya
Heeral Trivedi
Global Advisory Committee Member, India
Rutendo Mudzamiri
Global Advisory Committee Member, Zimbabwe
Stella Nanni
Global Advisory Committee Member, Brazil
Juliana Trichilo
Global Advisory Committee Member, Canada
Marcella Cross
Global Advisory Committee Member, Canada
Navleen Singh
Global Advisory Committee Member, UK
Sean Berry
Global Advisory Committee Member, USA
Anshuman Rane
Global Advisory Committee Member, India/UK
Sucheta Sharma
Global Advisory Committee Member, India/USA

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