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June 2007
Motherhood: what’s your vision? Your child’s soft skin against your neck, the joy of watching them sleep silently in the night or putrid diapers, tripping over toys in the hall, and the jolt of your child’s piercing shrieks?

Join us as we take an intimate peek in the lives of young women as they share their views about motherhood today. Halima in Ethiopia had her first child at 16, and wonders whether she will have money to send her girl to school. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, 37 year old Lois starts her first round of injections for infertility, hoping one day to have a family.

Every year, 530,000 women die from preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and over 20 million are seriously injured. Help us raise awareness about solutions to this grave problem.

What is your experience of motherhood? Does being a mother complete you—or is it one of many things that gives you satisfaction? What does it mean to decide not to be a mother?

What’s better—a natural birth or a hospitalized one? How do young women who have no access to medical deal with the severe physical risk of childbirth?

Join the conversation.

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"Baby Love (an excerpt)"
Rebecca Walker, United States
Nina Paley, United States
"Plum Flower "
Serena Moy , China
"The Balancing Act"
Basak Kerimoglu, Turkey
"The Pink and Blue Project"
Jeong Mee Yoon , South Korea
"The mundane and the exquisite"
Liz Steketee, United States
"Next of Kin"
Bénédicte Kurzen - EVE photographer, France
"Severina’s Story"
Debora Diniz, Brazil
Breakthrough, India
Featured Stories
Maternal Health Join the conversation »
"Love, Labor, Loss: A film on obstetric fistula in Niger"
Lisa Russell, United States
"Birth in Timor Leste"
Agnès Dherbeys - EVE photographer, France
"Next of Kin"
Bénédicte Kurzen - EVE photographer, France
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Choosing Join the conversation »
"My own motherhood"
Sandra Bello, Mexico
"The Modern African Non-Mother"
Rosemary Ekosso, Cameroon
Maria Rezende , Brazil
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Pregnancy Join the conversation »
"Mother's Milk"
Bettina Salomon, Austria
"Single Mother-to-Be "
Andrea Huber, Austria
"Creating A New Discourse on Women, Birth, And Pregnancy"
Jessica Resmond, France
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"The mundane and the exquisite"
Liz Steketee, United States
"A Post-Soviet Story"
Justyna Mielnikiewicz– Eve Photographers, Poland
"Just a Mommy"
Lourdes Segade – Eve Photographers, Spain
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"Raising a Child in Iran's Cultural Divide"
Azadeh Moaveni , Iran
"The Stork"
Nina Paley, United States
"The Pink and Blue Project"
Jeong Mee Yoon , South Korea
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"I go looking for you in places I know"
Madeleine Mullett , United Kingdom
"Timeless Displacement"
Margarita M. Serrano, Colombia
"Hope Reigns"
Juliet Poissy, Brazil
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Work and Family Join the conversation »
"Motherhood Manifesto"
Laura Pacheco , United States
"The Saudi Balancing Act"
Ashwaq Al- Sadoun, Saudi Arabia
"There is no place like home "
Sadaf Shamshad, United States
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Mother's Day Photo Contest Join the conversation »
"Where Do We Go, Sweet Child O' Mine"
Bhavna Bahri, India
"Girls Being Girls"
Emily Elmore, United States
"Happy Birthday Sandra"
Gregory John Smith, Brazil
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