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Theme: The Future
So much has changed for women in the past 30 years—what are our goals for the 30 years to come?

We are at a pivot point. We are a generation who has gained access to opportunities unimaginable for our mothers and grandmothers. And we have also inherited a world on the brink of environmental catastrophe—rife with violence and poverty.

Will it be an era of hope or one of despair? What will our daughters (and sons) have to say about the contributions we have made? What are the five most important issues we face? The five most important things we can achieve?

Join us as we talk about the future. Hear esteemed women leaders such as Her Royal Highness Queen Rania of Jordan give advice to young women based on her reflections on the past few decades. Watch Shalini Kantayya’s film about two different women in two different countries sharing the same struggle… Hear Marisa Monte’s song about the Profeta Gentileza – the Prophet of Kindness and how kindness generates kindness… And join the conversation!

As a generation, what will be our legacy to the world?

What will be yours?

Featured Stories: The Future
"Lost in Space"
Giada Ripa di Meana
"One Struggle"
Shalini Kantayya
United States
"Hermana Angie"
LaTasha Nevada Diggs
United States
"This is Me"
Marama Davidson
New Zealand
"Just call me Human"
Tiana Denine Harris
United States
"Every mother has created a part of the future"
Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam
The Future Sub-themes
Imagining Ourselves
"Lost in Space"
Giada Ripa di Meana , Italy
"Being a Woman is A Natural Act"
Itzel Martínez Del Canizo , Mexico
"A Outra Dimensão"
Andrea Annunziata , Brazil
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"Celebrating the Absurd"
Fernanda Cohen , United States
"Sweet Sixteen "
Anita Khemka , India
"Me, The Feminist, The Woman"
Manana Monareng , South Africa
355262 views to 25 stories
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Acting for the Future
"The Mechanics of My Hope"
Nurul Izzah Anwar , Malaysia
"The Dream of Creating a Better Country"
Mayerly Sánchez , Colombia
"Positive Women"
Prudence Mabele , South Africa
396060 views to 25 stories
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