A Film a Day
Leslie Tô Burkina Faso VIDEO
A Drop in Oicata (18 min) Diana Logreira Campos Colombia VIDEO
A Map with Gaps (26 min) Alice Nelson Ireland VIDEO
Appel d'air (13 min) Lucie Duchêne France VIDEO
Black and White (17 min) Kirsty MacDonald New Zealand IMAGE
Borderless (25 min) Min Sook Lee Canada IMAGE
Butterflies and Hurricanes (60 min) Jeanine Corbet United States IMAGE
Grace Lee Project (68 min) Grace Lee United States IMAGE
Leaving is not the same (7 min) Yafa Goawily Egypt VIDEO
Let Them Bark: A Portrait of the Artist Ragini (10 min) Emma Cott United States VIDEO
Look at Lucia (52 min) Maja Borg Sweden VIDEO
Matopos (12 min) Stéphanie Machuret France VIDEO
Monologues (6 min) Meggie Miao China VIDEO
Nupur (10 min) Aparna Malladi India VIDEO
Oh Deer (6 min) Chungmin Moon New Zealand VIDEO
Online Film Festival Trailer Imagining Ourselves Team United States VIDEO
Paris-Dakar (16 min) Caroline Jules Guadeloupe VIDEO
Pied Piper (3 min) Lenelle Moïse United States VIDEO
RAM (3 min) Caroline Ting New Zealand VIDEO
Ras Star (25 mins) Wanuri Kahiu Kenya VIDEO
Regoch (24 min) Helena Bulaja Croatia VIDEO
Resurrection (23 min) Louly Seif Egypt VIDEO
Sasa! (30 min) Chanda Chevannes Canada VIDEO
Shouting Silent (52 min) Xoliswa Sithole South Africa VIDEO
Soñadora (40 sec) Andrea Lira United States VIDEO
Soundz of Spirit (60 min) Joslyn Rose Lyons United States VIDEO
Tales from the Margins (23 min) Kavita Joshi India IMAGE
The Tenth Planet: A Single Woman's Life in Baghdad (38 min) Melis Birder Turkey VIDEO
Trailblazing: The Women of Nepal's Trekking Industry (24 min) Lisa Hoffe Canada VIDEO
Where Do You Originally Come From? (1 min) Tintin Wulia Australia VIDEO
Where's Sandra? (18 min) Paromita Vohra India VIDEO