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What Defines Your Generation of Women?
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November 2007
A Generation Defined
Apathetic, self-absorbed, oblivious to the world’s problems, lazy and entitled. Those are the stereotypes about this generation.

Through Imagining Ourselves, you have shown otherwise. Each story, picture, song and film speaks of a vibrant, positive, and engaged generation.

More than a million of women from all over the world flocked to the project and answered the question: What defines your generation of women? Your voice has emphatically shattered stereotypes, and questioned the status quo.

As the new generation of women you know that you’ve been given many choices. And you’re grateful, positive and hopeful in utilizing them. You refuse to be boxed in, and although there are still boundaries and borders that circumscribe you, you constantly test and defy them, always reinventing yourself.

Individually unique – representing many cultures, languages, experiences and perspectives – you are united in your common struggle to manifest your own potential in the world. You know that change is possible and you are not afraid to fight for it with fearlessness and creativity.

You came, you saw, you commented. And you showed us what it means to be a young woman today.

What DOES define our generation of women? Join the conversation.

Featured Stories
"My own motherhood"
Sandra Bello, Mexico
"Being a Woman is A Natural Act"
Itzel Martínez Del Canizo, Mexico
"Positive Women"
Prudence Mabele, South Africa
"First Morning in Exile"
Aleksandra Djajic-Horváth, Bosnia – Herzegovina
"I will call my children mestiza"
Kumarini Silva, Sri Lanka
Marie Ange Bordas, Brazil
"Old Maid"
Vivian Nocum Limpin, Philippines, the
Featured Stories
Breaking Boundaries Join the conversation »
"The Modern African Non-Mother"
Rosemary Ekosso, Cameroon
"Small Commerce"
Odette Mukeshimana , Rwanda
"Assisted Marriage"
Sadaf Siddique, India
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166169 views to 14 stories
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(Too) Many Choices Join the conversation »
Kimberley Bermender, Canada
"On Being Everything"
Rachel Aloise Mould, United Kingdom
"The past decade"
Marcela Nievas, Argentina
More (Too) Many Choices Stories »
142814 views to 12 stories
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Border-Crossers Join the conversation »
"Where Do You Originally Come From?"
Tintin Wulia, Australia
Marie Ange Bordas, Brazil
"First Morning in Exile"
Aleksandra Djajic-Horváth, Bosnia – Herzegovina
More Border-Crossers Stories »
168841 views to 14 stories
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Positive Attitude Join the conversation »
"Positive Women"
Prudence Mabele, South Africa
"Being a Woman is A Natural Act"
Itzel Martínez Del Canizo, Mexico
"The Dream of Creating a Better Country"
Mayerly Sánchez, Colombia
More Positive Attitude Stories »
135257 views to 12 stories
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Changing Lives Join the conversation »
"You are not alone"
Andrea Huber, Austria
"Let Yourself Be Heard"
Mina Farid Malik, Pakistan
"Give Women an Opportunity"
Mechelle Carey, United States
More Changing Lives Stories »
99657 views to 8 stories
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Criticisms Join the conversation »
"Are we painting a one-sided picture?"
Paula Goldman, Director of Imagining Ourselves, United States
"How Representational is the Exhibit?"
Imagining Ourselves Team, United States
"Are We Silencing the Politics of War?"
Sadaf Siddique, India
More Criticisms Stories »
66499 views to 5 stories
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Answers Gallery Join the conversation »
"Submit Your Answer"
Paula Goldman, Director of Imagining Ourselves, United States
"Motivated! Creativity. Change. Transformative. Options."
Imagining Ourselves Team, United States
"Inquisitive. Valiente. Confident. Leaders. Reawakened."
Imagining Ourselves Team, United States
More Answers Gallery Stories »
98414 views to 7 stories
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