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September 2007
Image and Identity
Appearances aren’t everything, or are they? In an age where the mirror on the wall has fast become our best friend and worst enemy, we are constantly faced with keeping up our appearances.From the latest chic hairstyle, diet craze, and yoga workout, to the plague of celebrity magazines that we love to hate and hate to love, we can’t seem to escape the bombardment of images telling us what we should look like.

Join us as women from all over the world explore their take on fashion, the media, clothes, culture and their relationship with themselves. Get in shape with Nagi Noda and her outlandish poodle exercise video from Japan. Or side-step over to view Dulce Pinzon’s pictures of Mexican immigrants and ask yourself how you would react if your neighborhood laundry operator wore a Wonder Woman outfit to work one day?

Do you try to fit in or stand out? Is a hijab fashionable? Can you turn trash into fashion?

Join us in exploring the world of self-expression as we discover, react, rejoice, rebel, and muse over our various identities.

Open up your closet and tell us your story.

Featured Stories
"inside of me"
Yuka Yamaguchi, Japan
"The Real Story of Superheroes"
Dulce Pinzón, Mexico
"Love for Makeup"
Maja Janjic, Bosnia – Herzegovina
"Marie, an Iranian Transsexual"
Newsha Tavakolian—EVE Photographers, Iran
"Slip of the Tongue"
Karen Lum, United States
Jihan Ammar, Egypt
"Keitai Girl "
Noriko Yamaguchi, Japan
"Bleach my skin white"
Dami Akinnusi, United Kingdom
"Bleach my skin white"
Dami Akinnusi, United Kingdom
Featured Stories
Beneath the Clothes Join the conversation »
"Any Day Now"
Corina M. Peila, United States
"Beauty Through Strength"
Julie Howell, United Kingdom
"White Series "
Pantea Rahmani, Iran
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Fashion Undercover Join the conversation »
"The Real Story of Superheroes"
Dulce Pinzón, Mexico
"Fashion Resistance to Militarism"
Kimberly Alvarenga -Women of Color Resource Center, United States
"Bellacini "
Amanda Barrett, United States
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Custom and Costume Join the conversation »
"The Beauty Academy of Kabul"
Liz Mermin, United States
"Good Hair"
Danielle Scruggs, United States
"Black Hair Day"
Annette Quarcoopome, Ghana
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Brainwashed? Join the conversation »
"Living Healthy"
Carnie Wilson, United States
"Flesh and Bone"
Jackie Alpers, United States
"Sex Comics and Embroidery"
Blanka Amezkua, Mexico
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Body Parts Join the conversation »
"Fat! Fit? Flabulous!"
Gabriela Hasbun, United States
Karla Solano, Costa Rica
"What I Was Wearing"
Mary Simmerling, United States
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The Age of Beauty Join the conversation »
"Finding Beauty"
Jennifer Siebel, United States
"I Am 22 Years Old "
Fanny Allié, France
"Living Beauty"
Xiang Jing, China
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