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What Defines Your Generation of Women?
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February 2007
Young Men
For the past few months over a million young women around the world have come together here – discussing what defines their generation. Now it's time to turn to the voices of young men from all over the world talking about the issues and opportunities facing them.

What are the unique challenges and opportunities in today's generation of men that their fathers and grandfathers could not even imagine? How do men experience this age differently than their female partners, friends, and colleagues? As women increasingly enter the workforce, are men taking on more chores in the household? How has dating, mating, and marrying changed for men, when women are experiencing more personal freedom and financial independence? And what does masculinity even mean in an age where choices seem to be limitless, age-old conventions are breaking down fast, and new conventions are invented even faster?

Learn more about the hopes, fears, challenges and opportunities of today’s generation of young adult men. And join the conversation to talk about how our generation of men and women can work together towards more productive and fulfilling partnerships – be they intimate or public.

Featured Stories
"Excerpt from Ciudad Recuperacíon"
Anibal Silva, Mexico
"Excerpt from Beasts of No Nation"
Uzodinma Iweala, United States
"“Life is Good” Written by Joan Hecht as told by Atem Ajak"
Atem Ajak, Sudan
"Reclaiming the Middle Ground"
Reza Aslan , Iran
"Fear of Flying"
Baba Ali - Ummah Films, United States
"Lacking Harriet"
Jesse Green, United States
"An Iraqi Landscape"
Ali A. Al-Tamimi, Iraq
Featured Stories
Relationships Join the conversation »
"Ladies, Pick up that Phone!"
Fernando Corredor, Colombia
"The End"
Yianni Hill, Australia
"Life could be a dream"
Wael Hattar, Lebanon
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Fatherhood Join the conversation »
"Carmichael & Shane"
Alex Weinress, Australia
Robert Peake, United States
"Stay-at-home dad"
Teddy Wieczorek, United States
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Image & Identity Join the conversation »
Gustavo Spolidoro, Brazil
"Excerpt from Glimpses of Heaven - George Littlechild"
M D, United States
"Hard Hand to Hold"
Willy Mason, United States
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Culture & Conflict Join the conversation »
"Un Cercle autour du Soleil"
Ali Cherri, Lebanon
"Excerpt from Glimpses of Heaven - Peter Gary"
M D, United States
"Excerpt from Ciudad Recuperacíon"
Anibal Silva, Mexico
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