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Theme: Money
In a time when young women have been educated and entered the professional workforce in record numbers-- how do today’s young women relate to the role of money in their lives?

We present the subject of money from a holistic perspective. We look not only at how young women make money—but also at broader questions as well. How does money enable us or prevent us from having the kinds of lives we want to lead? How does poverty affect our generation? What are the strategies young women use to balance work and family? How does globalization influence our day-to-day lives?

Hear Karenna Gore Schiff, daughter of former US Vice President Al Gore, in her humorous take on the challenges of being a working mother. Meet Supriya Banavalikar, and hear about her efforts to overcome persistent hunger in the slums of Bombay. Share your own stories about work, family, and finances. And get involved to empower young women around the world—from supporting microfinance programs to taking action to improve your own financial life!

Featured Stories: Money
"Model Airplane"
Kaisu Koivisto
"Is Money the Key to Success?"
Ana Jardim
"T is for Triumph"
Lucía Etxebarría
"My Story"
Nasra Abubakar
Money Sub-themes
A World Economy
"Le Au Giusila"
Sia Figiel , Samoa
"Modern Society Weakens Us Sweetly"
Chen Qiulin , China
"Ciudad Juarez"
Lorena Rodriguez , Mexico
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A Day in the Life
"Magda and Nevine"
Hala El Koussy , Egypt
"The Cultural Heritage of Brunei Darussalam: The Traditional Woven Textile"
Siti Norkhalbi Haji Wahsalfelah , Brunei
"Generations of Bhutanese Weavers"
Miranda Mimi Kuo-Deemer , China
452123 views to 30 stories
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Work and Family
"Woman is Man"
Lavinia Tan , Singapore
"Inay at Ako (My mom and I) "
Mary Honeylyn Joy Espero Alipio , Philippines, the
"Domestic Weave"
Heeral Trivedi , India
249217 views to 15 stories
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Chart Your Own Path
"Model Prisoners"
Alice Kamunge , Kenya
"Taking Risks"
Maiko Sasakawa , Japan
"Growing up in a Modern City"
Ping Ping Han , Singapore
293783 views to 19 stories
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