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December 2006
War & Dialogue
Let us take you behind the headlines, beyond the endless images of death and destruction. There is another story about war that needs to be told. It is the story of today’s young women—deeply affected by conflict around the world, but determined to react constructively.

Instead of adding to the hysteria, they offer insight. They show us how conflict affects their communities; they probe the reasons that violence continues; they offer innovative solutions to alleviate suffering. Their perspectives are rarely heard on mainstream media, but it is about time we started listening.

Our subtheme “Choosing Sides” explores the polarization caused by war. If you are Iraqi, but living in the U.S.,does a war really belong to you? Does it make you feel differently about the country you live in? “Living with Conflict” are stories are about everyday life, how life must go on and does go on, even in violent settings.

In “Stereotypes” our aim is give a personal face to all those stories the media does not bring us; we give you experiences from both sides of conflicts. In December the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to an advocate of peace. To honor this important occasion, we bring you the “Peacemakers” subtheme, highlighting women working for reconciliation and disarmament, with partners such as the International Fellowship for Reconciliation and Amnesty International we want to inspire you to take a stance and make a difference in your world with a conversation on Peacemakers.

The last sub-theme of War & Dialogue is “Terror.” Here we go beyond the media hype to the real impact of terror on the ground… and the work of young women to create a world where fear is not the driving force of global politics.

Featured Stories
"Shalom, Shalom"
Achinoam Nini, Israel
Huma Imtiaz, Pakistan
"Experience of a female soldier in Iraq"
Gin Marie, United States
"Serial No. 3817131"
Rachel Papo, Israel
Bina Shah, Pakistan
"Excerpt from My War At Home"
Masuda Sultan, Afghanistan
Featured Stories
Choosing Sides Join the conversation »
"An Auto-biography of War"
Amira W. Pierce, Lebanon
"Finding Spring"
Mina Farid Malik, Pakistan
"Identity and Loyalty"
Joumane Chahine, Lebanon
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Living with Conflict Join the conversation »
"The Invisible Kashmir - the Other Side of Jannat"
Dilnaz Boga, India
"Serial No. 3817131"
Rachel Papo, Israel
"Conversations of the dead "
Annemarie Jacir, Palestine
More Living with Conflict Stories »
173013 views to 12 stories
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Peacemakers Join the conversation »
"Surviving the killing fields of Cambodia"
Loung Ung, Cambodia
"Creating Peace"
Mariane Pearl, France
"Interview with Samantha Power"
Samantha Power, Ireland
More Peacemakers Stories »
176360 views to 10 stories
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Stereotypes Join the conversation »
"Yemen Dialogues"
Paula Goldman, Director of Imagining Ourselves, United States
"My Life"
Daliya F. Shawkat, Iraq
"Eid Dinner with the Other"
Ayesha Malik Nasson, Pakistan
More Stereotypes Stories »
189654 views to 12 stories
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Terror Join the conversation »
"Terror's Children"
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Pakistan
"Mantras of Silence "
Tanzila Ahmed, United States
"Bomb blasts in Mumbai"
Sonia Faleiro, India
More Terror Stories »
109867 views to 6 stories
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