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Subtheme: Acting for the Future
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Acting for the Future
How do you find the courage to change the world? Sometimes you’re forced into it by circumstance. Sometimes it starts with a small idea, a spark—perhaps encouraged by the enthusiasm of a friend or mentor. Whatever the point of entry, it always begins by trusting your inspiration—even if others don’t understand why you think it’s important. And then you have to follow that same inspiration through bleak periods when it seems like the most ridiculous idea in the world. Until finally, through the ups and downs, you begin to see a glimmer of your idea taking hold, becoming manifest in reality.

As young women, we have more power than ever before possible to change the world for the better. It is our fortune, and our responsibility, as a generation, to take advantage of these opportunities.

The stories which follow are meant merely as food for thought. You can hear Prudence Mabele, talk about supporting HIV-positive women in South Africa—and think about how you can make a difference for young women suffering from this epidemic. Or read the poem of Neelima Reddy, about her dream of providing equal education for inner-city kids in the U.S.-- and think about what you can do to promote access to education.

What these women have in common is not the issue they work on, but their self-confidence. They believe they have the power to make a difference—and because of this belief, they do.

There are as many positive changes to make as there are grains of sand on a beach—you merely have to choose one and get started.
Acting for the Future Stories:
Stories found relating to Acting for the Future: (25)
"The Mechanics of My Hope" by Nurul Izzah Anwar
"The Dream of Creating a Better Country" by Mayerly Sánchez
"Positive Women" by Prudence Mabele
South Africa
"Women’s Well Being in India" by Shashi Tyagi
"Journey" by Abolade Durojaiye
"Changing Nigerian society through women’s organizations" by Berekwu Ngozi Ogechi
"Conversation Whilst Flying" by Pamela Braide
"Photos of our women’s group from Karateginskaya Ulitsa" by Dilrabo Inomova
"One Struggle" by Shalini Kantayya
United States
"Getting to a New Place " by Caroline Nderitu
"Pointing to the Future" by Manal Al-Dowayan
Saudi Arabia
"Just call me Human" by Tiana Denine Harris
United States
"Mann ke Manjeeré: an album of women’s dreams (film)" by Breakthrough
"My Revolution – Ukraine" by Tatyana Goryachova - World Pulse Magazine
"To all the friends of and participants in Imagining Ourselves" by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan
"To the Young Women of Our World" by Noeleen Heyzer
"How testing positive changed my life" by Lydia Rwechungura
"My sister’s legacy" by Tuwilika Heita
"Tusitukirewamu-United We Stand " by Florence Masuliya
"The single hardest day of my life" by Asunta Wagura
"Speaking Out " by Trinh Thi Thuy Ngan
"Sport Belongs to Us All" by Anita L. DeFrantz
United States
"It is possible to change the world" by Anne Firth Murray - Founding President, Global Fund for Women
New Zealand
"Women's Status in Malaysia" by Nurul Izzah Anwar
"Taking it global" by Jennifer Corriero
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