Quantcast IMOW - Are we painting a one-sided picture?
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Are we painting a one-sided picture?
Paula Goldman, Director of Imagining Ourselves
الولايات المتحدة الأمريكيةالمعرضحوار
Dear Valentina,I received a letter of very thoughtful criticism you had written about your thoughts on the Imagining Ourselves...
First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time and caring so much to write out your thoughts and criticisms so carefully. We, and I particularly, welcome honest dialogue -- and while (as you might imagine) it was difficult to read the letter, having poured so much of my own heart into the Imagining Ourselves project, I really welcomed the opportunity to understand and honor your point of view. Not only do we thank you for your perspective -- we welcome the debate.
As for addressing the specific concerns you lay out in your letter: You write lucidly and compellingly about some very important aspects of the downside of globalization, especially on indigenous cultures-- debates about which, as a social anthropologist, I am very well-versed.
As an editor, it was my responsibility to exercise a unifying hand and vision for the Imagining Ourselves project-- one that celebrates the accomplishments of our generation and is upbeat in tone; as you correctly identify, many of the accomplishments were indeed cast in terms of greater integration of young women in the 'formal' economy (and I put formal in quotes in respect of your point that such language could mistakenly imply that traditional modes of labor are of lesser value).
These are all choices for which I take responsibility; I also take responsibility for the editorial slant of the book. But it was never my intention to make you feel as if the essence of your work was being deleted-- and for this I apologize. Had I known that would be the effect of my actions, I would not have made the same choice.
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Imagining Ourselves Team
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Dear Imagining Ourselves, 
لذهاب إلى القصه
Imagining Ourselves Team
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Dear Imagining Ourselves Team,
لذهاب إلى القصه
Sadaf Siddique
Dear Sadaf:
لذهاب إلى القصه
Paula Goldman, Director of Imagining Ourselves
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لذهاب إلى القصه

حقوق الطبع محفوظة للمتحف العالمي للنساء 2008 / سياسة السرية وإخلاء المسئولية / ترجمة:101translations / تغيير اللغة
المضمون في هذا العرض ليس بالضروره يمثل آراء المتحف العالمى للمرأه ، أو شركائه او مسثتمريه؟؟