Quantcast IMOW - Raising a Child in Iran's Cultural Divide
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Raising a Child in Iran's Cultural Divide
Azadeh Moaveni
My friend's eight-year-old son brought a DVD home from school the other day, a 10-minute collection of "highlights"...
When I first discovered I was pregnant, and my husband and I discussed starting our family here in Iran, I thought mostly about bassinettes, prenatal tests, and how much a baby would adore the animal reliefs at Persepolis. I knew we would be raising our child between cultures - we both come from Iranian families, but grew up in the West and are familiar with the discomforts of living in between.
Coping with the gulf between Iranian private and public life is an intricate skill that even adults here manage with varying degrees of success. Wearing masks or lying when required, all while keeping your core identity intact, is the daily business of adults who live in authoritarian societies.
The very idea that I would be competing with my child's teachers and other role models over basic values (the role of religion in daily life, whether or not Western culture is corrupt) is intimidating. What if they win out, even for a phase? What's even scarier is that by doing the right thing - poising your kid's mind against extremist mullahs and their dogma - you may not be instilling tolerance, but safety hazards.
Kids seem prone to asking endless questions from the moment they can talk. They want to know why you wear a veil outside in Tehran, but not at home and not on trips. The right answer (Mommy doesn't believe in the veil, but the government denies her right to choose) could be punishable, if repeated by a child in a classroom.
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