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(Trop) Nombreux Choix
Pouvons-nous vraiment tout faire? Pourquoi même essayons-nous?

"Tu peux faire ce que tu veux," nous sommes-nous entendues dire quand nous étions jeunes – avoir une carrière professionnelle florissante, être une athlète olympique, une femme d’affaires pleine de bon sens, voyager dans le monde entier… Aujourd’hui, les femmes disposent d’un buffet de choix et veulent goûter à tout!

Mais pour beaucoup d’entre elles, ces nouveaux choix les ont laissées submergées et confuses. Comment trouver un équilibre parmi tant de choix? Pouvons-nous tout faire à la fois? Qui sont les modèles qui peuvent nous apprendre comment naviguer entre ces nouvelles options dont n’ont peut-être pas disposé les femmes précédemment, même quelques décennies auparavant?

Lisez “Etre Tout” de Rachel Aloise Mould, tandis qu’elle se lamente: "C’est la génération de la Super Femme. Et elle doit être fatiguée!"

Apprenez comment Sam Cowen équilibre sa maternité récente avec sa carrière professionnelle florissante à la radio dans "En Attendant Christopher,"

Regardez les photos amusantes de Lavinia Tan dans "La Femme est Homme," qui capturent les femmes qui endossent littéralement de nouveaux rôles traditionnellement masculins.

Pensez-vous que de nombreux choix signifient plus de pouvoir ou simplement plus de pressions?

Rejoignez-nous pour explorer les nombreux choix avec lesquels les femmes doivent aujourd’hui jongler.
Renee Gasch - IMOW
Etats Unis
I am a young woman making choices that my mother or grandmothers wouldn't have dreamed!

I've traveled the world alone, moved to a new city on my own dime, attended graduate school and taken my sweet time deciding if I want to be a mother or a wife.

Many other women have made different choices. I see my sister chasing after two children while working full time and attending school part time, and I wonder: How does she do it?!

You tell us – how do you do it? Do you feel balanced or just plain exhausted by the choices you have made? What choices do you enjoy today that you couldn't have a generation ago?
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Gabriela Pickett
Etats Unis
Posted on Thursday, November 06, 2008 3:32 AM
I am a mother of six children, attending grad school. My husband had been on active duty for two years. I am also an artist and activists. People often ask me How do you do it? My answer is: "I don't think about the endless work I encounter on a daily basis...I think about the opportunities and blessing I have that others don't...then, I suddenly have time to think and act to help women less fortunate than me..."
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Katrina Pagoulatou
Posted on Friday, November 09, 2007 11:12 AM
I am paralyzed by options.(Thanks for making that distinction Chiara) Although I know I am privileged to have so many options before me, I respond to them as a spoiled child might. I moan and groan and worry that I will make the wrong choices for my family, the world, for myself. And so, I do not choose at all.

At 28 years old, I realize how little I have actually lived. I watch life happening around me and I feel guilty for it, too- these choices, these options, this freedom are wasted on a frightened child.
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Chiorza Campella
Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 4:58 PM
Words option and choice are considered synonyms, but they actually signify slightly different things, and that difference is crucial.

In Latin-based languages like Italian, the difference between “opzione” and “scelta” is stark. I guess what I see in the word “option” is the right to choose, the possibility to choose, although the things to choose from are not always preferable, nor advantageous.
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Renee Gasch
Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 4:42 PM
Thank you for your comment Sanja!

I too struggle with the idea that all my choices and options are a source of stress. Am I being grateful for the choices I have? Can we ever have TOO many choices?

There are many women around the world who do not have the same choices I do. Education is out of reach, water is not drinkable, homes are not safe from violence...The question that haunts me is: How do I use my privilege of choice to create choices for other women around the world?

What do you think?
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Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 4:02 PM
Choices...options...I think I would say that instead of too many choices we have too many options today. I am not presented daily with too many excellent choices to select from; most of the time I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place, or struggling to determine and choose the lesser of the two evils. But, please don't think I am a pessimistic and unhappy person and that I pass my days moping around and spitting bile, poisoning other people's lovely and choice-full lives.

I am blessed with oh-so-many options before me and my life is actually enviable. Here are just some of my options: I can work and earn a salary as well as grow professionally, but I can also go to graduate school; I can go vagabonding around the world and learn another language or work on an organic farm and pick juicy, sweet strawberries and read Sapho and Dostoevskii. I can return home to my mother, live daily on her angelic kindness and her amazing vegan food and I could then finally get to know my little brother after so many years of absence and distance. These are all options, but they are not really choices: I cannot possibly and viably do any of those things, although it would be wonderful if I could. I can't just pick up and leave. I can't just sit at home and do nothing. I can't. I can't and I can't. And it is frustrating. Isn't it?
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Kirsten Lee
Royaume Uni
Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 1:35 PM
i admit, i have often looked down at young women becoming mothers at an early age. i have thought that they were missing out on so much. but i realize that women don't all want the same things. young mothers are just as happy as i. it would be an awful world if we all wanted the same thing, wouldn't it!

now, i guess my biological clock is ticking. i see families and babies and i realize that i do want to be a mother...more than anything.
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Renee Gasch
Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 1:29 PM
Thanks for posting Mom! :)

Kimberley Bermender illustrates the love between a mother and child beautifully in here photograph called "Balanced" http://imaginingourselves.imow.org/pb/Story.aspx?id=1516&lang=1&g=0

Motherhood has been a significant topic for Imagining Ourselves. Earlier this year, women around the world shared stories of pregnancy, parenting and choosing or not choosing to be a mother.

What does the choice of motherhood mean to you? Has "women's equality" changed the meaning of being a mother? In this generation, is motherhood looked at as something that holds women back or something that sets women free?
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Jeannie Gasch
Etats Unis
Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 5:36 AM
Choices are important to each individual. Choosing to be a wife and Mother might not seem as exciting. But to each individual woman, it has its value of importance. I have been blessed with 2 wonderful daughters, each different in their own indidualism. I am just as proud of one as the other. The oldest, a wonderful, caring, hard working mother. The youngest, an adventurer, an explorer,a woman who can express her thoughts in the wonderful art of writing. Even though I may not have pursued some of my dreams in life, I would never trade my choice to be a Mother. And now I am blessed to be a Grandmother. It is a reward in life, unnmatched. When I see the twinkle of their Mother in my Grandchildren's eyes, I can only think what wonderful opportunities await them, for most certainly they will have some qualities of their Mother, and Aunt "Nee".
Always a Mom
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Rhonda Gasch
Etats Unis
Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 6:49 PM
My finances present many different choices than what my mother and grandmother's generation had. I can set aside for retirement now at an early age, 401K, mutual funds.

I also think my generation's choices are much more elevated than in the past, especially in the United States. For example, when we go to purchase a new vehicle, there are so many options it makes a person's head spin! Years ago there were not the brands and choices of today. It really forces my generation to do their homework for any purchase or choice they have to make.
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Renee Gasch
Posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 7:25 AM
I was raised by a single mother who was both the breadwinner and the caretaker. Growing up, this was the only type of family that I knew. I relate a lot with Lavinia Tan's photo exhibition called "Woman is Man" http://imaginingourselves.imow.org/pb/Story.aspx?G=1&C=0&id=1513&lang=1.

Do you identify with Lavinia's photography? Do you feel like you've taken on the roles and identities traditionally reserved for men?
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Kirsten Lee
Royaume Uni
Posted on Monday, November 05, 2007 5:44 PM
i know i take my choices for granted. i'm bold, outspoken and i think i can do anything. why shouldn't i? women should feel entitled to their choices.

as for perfectionism. who needs it? i'd rather learn by trial and error. it's more fun that way.
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Renee Gasch
Posted on Monday, November 05, 2007 5:33 PM
Hi Bindu,
Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I like that you brought up perfectionism. I feel like so many women I know are perfectionists. They want the perfect body, the perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect life! Many women are striving to reach some end goal of perfection. With the many hats we wear, is perfection ever possible?

Join the conversation and tell us what you think. Are you a perfectionist? If you have a bad day at work or your child gets in trouble at school, do you feel guilt? If you make a mistake, can you forgive yourself?
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Bindu Gakhar
Etats Unis
Posted on Monday, November 05, 2007 11:13 AM
It is a great thing to have choices, it is one of the blessings of our generation. Today I have the option to be a single career woman living on my own in a different, this would have not been easy a generation ago. Having more options does mean more power however one has to constantly balance different priorities...thus its very important to understand that of all the things we can do, what mean the most to us.
We constantly have to be on the lookout to not let everything we can do overwhelm us, we have to be able to prioritize and live with the choices we make. If we choose to focus on our job for a certain period of time, then we have to accept the fact that its Ok if our homes are not as immaculate as we would like them to be or that we are cooking as much as we would like to. Life is a constant balancing act and its imperative that we know what matters and make our choices accordingly and not live with guilt over not doing everything perfectly.That for me is a constant struggle although I am getting better at not being too hard on myself!
Its also ok to make mistakes, its more important to learn from them and move on.
I for one would not give up all these choices I have for a simpler life...I'd rather learn the art of juggling all the things that matter to me and just pick up the ball if I drop it and continue....
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