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We are Sudeshna and Charys from the Imagining Ourselves team. Watching the films presented in this festival has been both inspirational and educational. The plethora of images and stories from far off places featured in the festival has given us great insights into varied cultures and the many ways of approaching life.

In case you have missed any of these brilliant films, we are happy to inform you that all of them will remain available for viewing until the end of October, and most will be available later as well. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the great wisdom they have to offer!

Talk with you soon!

-Sudeshna and Charys

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Renee Gasch
Posted on Tuesday, October 02, 2007 10:31 AM
I love the part in "Soundz of Spirit" when Chief X-cel from Blackalicious talks about art being a continuum and that we're all contributors. I really love thinking about art this way. No matter what our artistic talent, we all have something to contribute.

This is something I especially love about the 4 elements of hip-hop -- MCing, DJing, breaking and graffiti -- all of which Joslyn captures in her film. The 4 elements are often perceived as such different/unrelated art forms (or not art forms at all!), but they so intimately integrate to create hip-hop. It was interesting to hear how the artists took inspiration from one element to influence another.
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Renee Gasch
Posted on Tuesday, October 02, 2007 10:07 AM
Wow, what a great variety of film! Both yesterday's film, "Regoch," and today's film, "Soundz of Spirit" are so powerful at addressing spirit, creativity and the harsh realities of the world -- yet both do it in such different ways.

Thank you Helena for staying up so late to answer our questions!
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 5:01 PM
... it is 2am on my side of the ocean...I think I might go to sleep very soon....and if I am not responding to your questions I am probably sleeping..but don't worry, I would answer all question you might have - first thing in the morning, ....

and thanks to all of you who gave me your inspiring questions and compliments! I am really happy to had a chance to be part of it...

good night to you all..and "see you" on some of the future screenings on the festival....

ps. and please leave your comments and questions, and get back again for about 8h, and I'll be ready to post my answers
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 4:15 PM
o, Luca thanks for all your wishes.... : )...
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Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 4:04 PM
I can't believe that you are self-taught. Regoch is amazing and you are truly talented. I wish you all the best and cannot wait to see what your next project will be. I will keep an eye on your Web site for your future projects.
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 3:54 PM
animation used to be really big in Croatia, or better to say ex Yugoslavia some 40 years ago -šan_Vukotić, till 80's...Zagreb Film and Zagreb animation school are still very big names among many animators of all generations around the world....but it is just a history, and I didn't have a chance to learn out of that tradition, war changed many for me in animation and filmmaking I learned all by myself, traveling around the festivals, but I learned most from my other collaborators that worked with me on Cro Tales project .

As about today, and female animators and filmmakers in Croatia, there s few that I like, but it is still mainly mans job, why? I don't know....Nicole Hewitt is the one of Croatian film makers that I really like...
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Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 3:36 PM
Helena, your animation is excellent. I was wondering if in Croatia animation is very popular and if there are many other women like you who make animations and films. How have you learned the skills of a filmmaker?
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 3:11 PM
hi Charys....and thanks for your compliments... : )

and about pearls and I don't know the right answer...I guess it is just some fairy magic accessories, you know...something what makes her to be a fairy....and "the avoided treasures" - it is a metaphor of to be modest and to enjoy the moment as it is, and not to look for new opportunities while the present one is just about to know, we people always tend to be in front of our thoughts and as we start to achieve one goal, instead to enjoy that moment and to devote ourselves to it, we just rush into a new one, until all crash to our head....
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Charys Hayden
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 3:02 PM
This film is so surreal and beautiful! The overlapping images and words create such an aesthetically pleasing texture and rhythm. I especially admire the use of color, the vivid red so powerful.

I am curious about some of the symbolism. What does Kosjenka's bag of pearls represent? And her fairy veil? And when the Regoch and Kosjenka travel beneath the earth, the treasures they avoid touching, what is this a metaphor for?
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 2:54 PM
I would like also to suggest to visitors to take a look at the web of the whole project, where Regoch is one of 8 animated interactive stories - "Croatian Tales of Long Ago" - or through recently updated information on CD-ROMs where this film as well as the others are published -, to find out about other fairytales, and other interpretations by other filmmakers from all around the world.... I am sure you will enjoy them all!
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 2:35 PM be or not to be a filmmaker... ; ) is I guess every child dreams today, and I am still young enough to be part of that....but actually I never really thought about myself to be an filmmaker, illustrator, designer, conceptual artist, performer or I don't know...I rather do what makes me feel happy and where I can express my ideas best...I am more interested in the way of how to be a storyteller in this new digital age, and right now I am exploring the boundaries of making an interactive movie, sound more like to be an filmmaker, but how I see it now it will be a mixture of many I said before, I rather think like renaissance man, oops woman.... ; ) be free and to do whatever I like....

also about influences, I am really inspired by many various things, and music is my biggest inspiration, but also a nice winter day, or a rainy sumer night, or some interesting travel to unknown places....but also I really love work of Laurie Anderson, Terry Gilliam, Jim Jarmusch, Lotte Reiniger, Ellen McAuslan....
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Kathryn Robinson
United States
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 1:53 PM
I would first like to take this opportunity to thank you, Helena, for taking the time to discuss "Regoch" and to answer our questions regarding your beautiful work so immediately and thoroughly. We are excited to be able to engage in this dialogue with you.

I would also like to thank Renee, Sanja and Sudeshna for their thoughtful comments about the ethereal look, feel and tone you achieved with Regoch. Now I would like to shift the conversation to you and your work as a filmmaker/animator.

You have a very diverse background in the arts but I was wondering what ultimately drove you to be a filmmaker? What, in particular, inspires you to tell stories in the genre of film? Do you prefer this medium over other media? And finally, are there any women filmmakers or artists who have influenced your work? Thanks, Helena!
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 12:43 PM
...interesting I remember as I child, and as well as most of the young children( till 7 years) I have chance to meet those days, when I do screenings of Regoc, I think they don't question Regoch any how, and for most of them as well as for me he is just accepted as an giant that belong to his place ( Legen), so if you take a story literaly as a truth within that world of a fairytale, it is actually okay that he returned...but later as I start to read more between lines of the original story, I always thought why he did it? Why he had a wish to go back and be alone in a cold and isolated place, leaving not just Kosjenka, but the whole other world out there....I couldn't accept, and kind of understand, why he didn't want to accept love actually...and than now those days I think I can underspend him a little, but just a little, and only because in last couple of years I meet a lot of people of his kind, and it feels very sad, but than, I think we have to accept difference, not just to judge that, and maybe today it is more than ever so often that people chose to be single, alone, no kids, no family...and at the end they really enjoy their choice, not to be 100% open to love, why? maybe because they are scared to be left alone so it is easiest to "chose" it on a way, well why it is that way, it is difficult to say...and that is what I as an adult, wanted to explore through this film, I thought I would love to go on this my film adventure through mixed feelings of love and loneliness that is very often present at the same time in many lives...
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Sudeshna Sen Gupta
United States
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 12:24 PM
Helena, I just loved watching your film. It transported me to a world I hadn't visited for a long long time...the animation is awesome! I was a little disappointed that Regoch simply returned to Legen and Kosjenka stayed back ... Initially I thought this was a modern-day take on the fairytale but I just read that you have left the original story unchanged ....As fairytales go "Regoch" does have a feeling of "they lived happily ever after" (but not "together"). It was nice to read about your interpretation of Regoch as an adult but as a child wasn't this difficult for you to accept?
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 11:16 AM
...and about the narrator....just to say that I was really so proud that Jasna Bilusic, one of our best actress and jazz singer, decide to participate...I remember when I was a student I just couldn't escape any of her concerts, and she is for me really really one so inspiring and how to say, one non real, divine, character ... so when I started to shape my version of this fairytale, I just knew that she will be the only one that can make it on the way how I feel it...and when she accepted my idea I was so happy....I will remember the days of recording for whole my life, we had so much fun, and we created so many things on the set that later became the crucial parts of the whole atmosphere, like fairytale language and singing of Kosjenka ....

..and also about the look of Kosjenka, I totally agree that this is her... : )....and also it was such an inexperience for me and Marijana Jelic, the way how we created her. friend Ivana, professional dancer, she filmed a little video with basic movements of Kosjenka, but actually she is on a way that kind of a spirit and adventures women, so she really gave her one special touch, and the best thing is that she took one her friend with her to help on a way to pretend that he is Regoch....but after I sow the video she sent me, I just couldn't beleive that she had a real Regoch with I just converted him to big black figure and that is how he became Regoch...the only one "real" character in the film... ; )....

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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 11:03 AM
Thank you all for you words, and compliments, I am really glad this my little work touch your heart and senses…. : ) … I don’t know form where t start first….

So about the original….story is not changed at all, only that some things are told differently….also I liked the idea of the narrator that is following the original story more than a picture, complementing it on a way, and there is a bit of a reason why I decided to play with animated words too…..when I started to work on this film I wanted to use Flash an idea of 2D computer animation as much as possible to make primarily 2 dimensional animated story, where 3rd dimension will be present through the viewer emotional experience….in order to express that better I though that I just have to try to trans code text elements into the visual landscape for this fairytale, and that is how I make it… for example what I really liked is the play with snow flaxes from the windings font….and also the underground….I had a sketches with all that pillars and huge underground rooms full of gold and stuff, but it was just not right, and than one day I was playing around and when I made Regoch hands to move through the moving sentences, it was the right underground that really made me feel scary and excited at the same time….also I think that way I left enough room to anyone to construct and create some other underground in their imagination for example ….

Regoch for me is a “real man”….. ; )…big enough to give you feeling of confidence and security, but….also tolerant enough to let you go your way… ; )….I don’t know why Mazuranic choose to make title just Regoch, even though they are equal and actually no one will exist without other one….I think that maybe the reason is that she was actually inspired for the story by one older work of Croatian literature form 16ct. where Regoch is one of the main character, and he is big and powerful, but simple man….but honestly I think that she actually wanted to be ironic, naming story just after “HIM”… after you red it Kosjenka is just the character that no one will never forget ….while you know….Regoch he just get bored and returned to his Legen…where he lived for thousands of years counting the stones of Legen – this was for me an very beautiful metaphor of difference between man and woman emotional experiences and intuitive sense for world around us….

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Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 10:35 AM
Helena, “Regoch” is spellbinding! Every scene satisfies my senses, every image, character and color seems just right, as if this fairy tale could look no other way.

I don’t know what I liked the most: the story itself (did you change the original story at all?), the soothing narrating voice of a woman, the incredible animation that overwhelms the senses, the colors you choose to use, the charming and delicate beauty of Kosjenka, or the perfectly fitting music?

What really struck me was your use of words, phrases and entire sentences as the background to your animation. There are often words in the background, in Croatian or in English, and written words often dance, swirl, drift and glide to the rhythm of the music. Why have you chosen to make written words such an important part of Regoch?

Also, I was wondering how you feel about Regoch as a character. Although Kosjenka is the main character, both the fairy tale and the animation carry his name. Did he also have such a “minor” role in the original fairytale by Brlić Mažuranić?
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 10:15 AM
Well main inspiration to make this fairytale to look this way came from the music that Christian Biegai composed for the fairytale after reading the story and looking at some of my basic sketches…. As when I was a little I first came in touch with this fairytale though a picture book that looked really beautiful, but kind of scary at the same time, so I was living actually with them though whole my childhood, and my feeling about them was a bit strange. I loved the fairy and the whole this brave spirit she had, but just something was wrong for me with the look of the giant and fairy….I don’t know but I always felt he was for me a bit not mysterious enough, and she was a bit to old to be so brave and crazy…but as a child I never actually question that, and later as a student of literature, I came across the text few more time, but always had the “old” characters in front of my eyes, until one day, when I wanted to buy the same picture book for my daughter ….than staying in front of the bookshop window and looking at that picture book I realize that they are just not the character how I feel them, and that is how the whole idea came to me, to make not just this fairytale, but the whole collection of 8 fairytales form the book “Croatian Tales of Long Ago” to look different…..

The process of making final look was truly work in progress, and was changed a lot from my first sketches to this final version. It started more “realistic”, but as far as I was developing it I just felt that I want to put emotions and women and men relation and feeling of universal love at the top of the main story, and I thought it will be the best if I make the image to be abstract and symbolic as much as possible….I just want it to make the music and picture to be equal, as it is so great about animation that allow you to make it that way, and not to loose the main idea at the same time…

Ah, I could write for ever, as I really enjoy all 5 years how much I spent working on this film…and there is a lot of stories around creation of each element from characters to music, and you can read it all at….

…just to say that now I am working on a picture book with the DVD and remixed electro version of the film music form Regoc, I think it will be one lovely package with all weird and fairy stuff included…. : )…I hope we will release it till the end of the year….
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Renee Gasch
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 9:52 AM
Helena, your film is absolutely beautiful! The imagery is breathtaking! It made me want to get lost in the scenes and be a young girl again. I have never before read the fairytale -- how close is the film to the original story? When you heard the fairytale as a little girl, were these the images that you imagined? Or did the imagery first come to life when you started working on the film?
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Helena Bulaja
Posted on Monday, October 01, 2007 9:21 AM
hello everyone...I am very excited about your comments, and looking forward to comment Regoch with all of you...

I also hope you don't mind streaming resolution, but in case you want to have my film in better version go to [] ...there you can read more about Making of, and also download the movie for your collection....THANKS!

uh...and yes please forgive me spelling & typing mistakes... ; )...I am sure there will be plenty, but I hope I will be understandable enough...

love to you all, and one more time thanks to the festival team for choosing to showcase my film!

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