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About Imagining Ourselves the book
Imagining Ourselves: Global Voices from a New Generation of Women
Edited by Paula Goldman Foreword by Isabel Allende, the bestselling author of “House of the Spirits” and “Zorro”
$26.95 USD
Contributors include Ani DiFranco, Hafsat Abiola, Mayerley Sánchez, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Zadie Smith, Cathy Freeman, Lisa Ling, Oksana Baiul, and many more…

Presenting the photography, paintings, poetry, fiction, songs, and essays of 105 young women from fifty-seven countries, Imagining Ourselves captures the energy of the first global generation of women. Exquisitely designed, the book includes exclusive submissions and images not available online, and is a perfect gift for friends and family members.

From Nasra Abubakar, a Somalian camel-farmer’s daughter who is the first in her family to go to college to Anita Khemka, who reflects on the generation gap between yesterday’s and today’s teenage women in urban India, the young women in this book will inspire and encourage you to take action to transform your own life and the world around you. Enlightening, uplifting, challenging, and funny, Imagining Ourselves demonstrates the power of each individual life and the collective power of today’s generation of women as a whole.

Book available in English only

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